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Current USA Triathlon Coaching certified coach for numerous athletes, former Head Women's Cross Country Coach, Indoor and Outdoor Track coach, and Assistant Swimming Coach for the Johns Hopkins University 1996-2000. Hollie has been coaching Masters Swimming since 1996. Hollie was the Head Masters Swimming Coach at the Maryland Athletic Club and Wellness Center in Timonium, MD for 9 years. Currently the Head Masters Coach at Red Giants Masters and head Running coach at Wild Basin Fitness.

Online coaching from Hollie Kenney is developed for the beginner to serious athlete who wants effective personal coaching based around each athletes "life" schedule, racing schedule and individual needs. Custom training schedule plans:

Limited Plan:
Schedules are updated about once a month. Plan includes limited e-mail contact. Cost is $150/month with an additional $80 start up charge for the first month - paid by check.

Bronze Plan:
Schedules are updated every two weeks. Plan includes 1 phone consultation a month made by the athlete and includes unlimited e-mail contact and changes to schedule once a month. Cost is $200/month with an additional $80 start up charge for the first month - paid by check.

Silver Plan:
Schedules are updated every two weeks. Plan includes phone consultation every 2 weeks made by the athlete as well as unlimited e-mail contact and changes in schedule twice a month, if needed.
Cost is $250/month with an additional $80 start up charge for the first month - paid by check.

Gold Plan:
Schedules are updated every week. Plan includes 1 phone consultation every week made by the athlete as well as unlimited e-mail contact and unlimited changes in schedule as needed.
Cost is $300/month with an additional $80 start up charge for the first month - paid by check.

For more information, you can contact Hollie at

USA Triathlon Coaching Certification Program

The USA Triathlon Coaching Certification Program was established in 1996 under the direction of George Dallam, former USA Triathlon National Teams Coach. In line with the United States Olympic Committee’s goals of long-range planning for athlete and coaching development, the USA Triathlon Coaching Certification Program was born. Dallam organized a group of triathlon coaches to form the USA Triathlon National Coaching Committee (NCC). The National Coaching Committee established the original coaching certification levels and athlete/coach competencies for all levels of development. The National Coaching Committee serves in an advisory capacity, working with the National Teams Program director and staff for USA Triathlon’s coaching certification and education programs.

Testimonials from Clients

Stephanie R. Lewis
2 time Ironman Finisher, 6 time Marathon Finisher

Hollie Kenney is a Gem! She is an expert at coaching all levels of triathlon,why, because Holllie has raced every level and probably won. Hollie is dedicated, caring and always with your best interests at heart.

Chip Kazmier

I would highly recommend Hollie Kenney as a coach for all levels of Triathletes based on my own experience with Hollie for the last two and half years. Hollie has helped me race at all levels of triathlon, from sprints to Ironman, to Xterra.

Hollie has provided a training program for me based on my race goals each year that fit my competition level, my training level, as well as my personal schedule so I could achieve those race goals. The training program Hollie can provide is absolutely dynamic around training at my ability level. Hollie has kept my training on track during a move from Florida to Chicago and back to Florida. Hollie has helped me develop my multi-sport scope by helping me with: development of a race season that makes sense for the goals I want to achieve, race and training nutrition, weight training, motivation, and providing specific and achievable workouts based on regular discussions of how my training is progressing.

Additionally, Hollie has helped me through injuries by not only changing my workouts but, by helping me see injury specialists in my area to make sure I was getting the best care to recover and race.

Nate Goodman
Washington, DC

I think the better question is, “is there anything that Hollie has not helped me with?” Let me take you through the process of choosing a coach for training, as I am sure that we shared the same thoughts.

1) I don’t need a coach, I have done a half Ironman on my own, right?;
2) What is a Internet coach going to do for me;
3) Is a personal coach really expensive?

First, Hollie is not expensive. I work in the environmental field, which does not pay well, and can still afford Hollie. On top of that, think of it like this. The added money you will spend on a bike that is supposed to shed seconds off of your triathlon time is far more than the 30 minutes that using Hollie will shed off of my triathlon time by having her as a coach.

Next, the internet. Yes, it’s scary to have an internet coach. However, the things that she has done for me over internet, e-mail, and the phone have equaled anything that someone can do in person. She has personalized a workout schedule for me, added in extra swim workouts (albeit I still hold a grudge for her doing that ?) because my swimming sucks, gotten me onto a swimming masters team, gotten me discounts on a bike, equipment, and even recommended me to a doctor that has been pivotal in improving my migraines and my foot problems. She has also helped me with nutrition, maintaining weight, losing weight, and just staying healthy. Oh yea, and Hollie is also there to answer every crazy, stupid, ridicules question or fear I have of doing an Ironman. And believe me, that is a lot…. And did I mention that I already see results, just after a few months. I did an hour long swim in January, and swam 1.4 miles (give or take a few), and just last Friday I did a 1.2 mile swim (half Ironman distance) in 37 minutes, and when I get signed up for another postal (that is the hour long) swim, I expect to be over 2 miles, which is a huge increase in distance over the same amount of time. My biking has also gotten faster as I am forced (well, not really forced) to learn the technique called spinning, and my running speed has stayed consistent, which, given the fact that I used to run huge distances for fun, I have no idea how my running times have not decreased, but my mileage has, although my feet and legs feel much better.However, Hollie knows, understands, and gets it, and that’s really what’s important.

Finally, because Hollie is a professional herself, if there is ever a problem or question about the sport that she cannot answer, there is always someone she knows that does, and I have used her for this several times, as she has willingly referred me to some of her friends for answers.

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